Could you please quickly test this site on Android?

Hey, this has been tested by several people.

Unfortunately you can’t delete topics, so I’ll just leave this here.

Works fine on my Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Meal Planning for couples, app on Google Play and App Store.

Thank you!

Sure - tested on a Samsung sm-a310f, downloaded, installed and used all fine.

The only minor bug I could find is a slight text offset, screenshot below for you (shared ingredients)


Thank you Luke :slight_smile:

Would you like me to download the app as well? I did download it but uninstalled it because I didn’t want to create an account, but if you’d like me to try it, I don’t mind.

Worked fine for me. Downloaded the app

Thank Profamii,

That won’t be necessary at this point. I was just trying to make sure it still worked at all, because my phone still refuses to navigate to it.

I am still working on the app itself.


Thank you, Duane!

The website doesn’t work or the app doesn’t work?

Both were down on my phone.

My phone just wouldn’t navigate to any spoonzy domain.

The “app” is just a Bubble website in a wrapper.

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