Count clicks on a link

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I’ve got a question about the possibility to count clicks when an user has clicked on a link.
Does anyone of you know how I can solve my problem?

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If you want to track the number of times something has been viewed/clicked, you should, in some way, save it in the database so you can reference the value later.

Could you expand a bit on how you’re looking to incorporate the links? (ex. you have an events listing website, and you’re linking to an external Ticketmaster page. You want to track how many times the Ticketmaster link was clicked).

Hey dan,
we’ve built a download system with external download links.
And we want to count the clicks like you’ve mentioned in your example.
Do you think there is a way to count the clicks of the links? or is the only opportunity to use buttons/text elements to count them in the database?

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Provided you’re referencing links in a database, below is a video of how to approach it with an incremental counter. (In this example, I’m tracking the number of times a LinkedIn profile was clicked).

To keep in mind - Bubble doesn’t let you run a workflow on a link element. However, you can run a workflow on a Button (or other clickable element) and include a navigation event as the final step in the workflow.


Hy dan,

thank you very much! You’re tutorial was really helpful!

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Of course, glad that helped!

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