Count dropdown responses - yes or no's

How would I count the number of ‘no’ responses in a drop down. I have tried setting up a custom state that is updated by +1 every time a ‘no’ response is received. However, if they mistaken click ‘no’ but change answer to ‘yes’ the custome state is already updated. (Counting through when value has changed)

Any help gratefully recieved for counting answer of dropdown.

You can have two actions in WF (“when dropdown’s value is changed”):

  1. Do “+1” to your custom state only when dropdown’s value is no
  2. Do “-1” to your custom state only when dropdown’s value is yes or empty (if empty value can be selected)


unfortunately there are twenty dropdown Yes/No questions and the +1/-1 doesn’t get me the total number of ‘No’ answers - it just gets a number

How do you change the value of your custom state?

See attached image - using dropD value change - Numbertasks Custom state) +1

So do you have another action that subtracts 1 when this dropdown value is no/empty?

Yes see attached

If the person selects any answer by accident this interferes with end result, so select no accidentally twice will add two to count, but they correct this by selecting yes as their answer and you’re back to zero (-2 ), not -2. I think it needs an additional step when form complete to count no’s on submission of form - but how to count dropdown ‘no’ answers at end of form

Can’t get it. Could you write steps to reproduce with a single dropdown like:

  1. choose Yes
  2. choose NO


It about sequence in my workflows - wanted to count now before next immediate step. your -1/+1 suggestion above works - but can’t get correct end result. Just need a ‘countif function’ to check each dropdown at end of form when users completed


Also there should be more conditions while using approach I’ve proposed earlier.
User can select “no” → “empty” → “no” / “yes” → “empty” → “yes” and as a result we will have +2/-2


Great i will try that