:Count function working correctly when time constraints added, but not when summing Total

To track User usage (for different Plans), I keep track of weekly, monthly, and total usage of each of 4 features within my app. Strangely, the weekly and monthly counts are accurate, using the :count function with time constraints of +(days) = -7 and +(months)= -1, respectively, but the Total Count (which has no time constraint), yields an inaccurate figure. Here’s what it looks like in the database:


Any help would be majorly appreciated!

H there, @js005… are you saying the numbers in the database are correct, but when you try to do a search/count on the front end, the totals are inaccurate? Can you share more screenshots (or even a read-only link to your editor) so we can get some more context as to how you have things set up and how you are doing the counts?


Hey @mikeloc - so the strangest thing happened. I duplicated the Monthly count “expression” and pasted into the Total, removed the time filter constraint, and it worked perfectly. It must have been some weird bug/glitch, as the rules were identical to the prior “Total” count rules.

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