Count Gender types for my users

So now i have my database with a thing called “Patrons” and each patron has a gender type (Male/Female)

I would like to show a count/total of all male and female patrons and display it on pie chart.

How do i do this?

What have you tried so far?

There should be a video for the chart element. It’s really hard to do grouping or sums of data.

My work arounds have been to put line charts side by side for data comparison.

There might be a better way but the chart element is confusing.

I’m trying to do something very similar. I have a field called “Country”.

I am only interested in the count on a pie chart for Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA. “Other” would be nice too for the rest of the countries.

Any ideas? I’m really struggling with something I thought would be fairly simple :frowning:

I have a similar need for my application. In this regard I’ve been keeping a close eye on similar posts and requests.

At best, my current logic (yet to be implemented) will be to create a series of counter fields to maintain a total sum for each, where I will increment and decrement by 1, with a Workflow, each time a change is made, to keep a accurate total count.

Then, periodically I will run a Bulk Action to read the entire file, record by record, to check and or update the sum counters. Here’s a good link on Bulk Actions: