Count how many people liked your particular listing

Hi! I’ve just started building with Bubble a couple of months and truly enjoy it. I’m building a marketplace and I couldn’t find how to count a subj.

Example: I have a number of listings, let’s say I run a rent-a-car. People like my listings (add them to favorites).

How can I calculate how many users added this or that of my listings to their favorites?

I have a Favorites-list for each user. When a user clicks on an icon, Bubble makes changes to this user adding the product to the list of Favs.

I want to see how many people added my listing to Favorites.

I tried it this way:
Search for Users:count
User → Favorites-list contains Parent Group’s Product

It shows the number but the number is not correct. It shows only 0 or 1 thought the number is totally different.


Hi there, @ntseplya… the issue you are describing is likely related to the default privacy rule on the User data type, so check out that link and see if it helps.


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It’s here and here in the User table of the Privacy Rule.
If checked, you will be able to see and search user data other than your own.

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Thank you very much! I managed to change privacy settings and it helped! Thank you! <3

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