Count not working as it should

I have a field in my table that has POP as its default value. When I’m going to create a new thing, in the field where it has this default value, I do the following logic:
But instead of vim POP and the generated number, what is coming is just the number. How can I fix this?


Looks like you need to add a constraint where the text field = POP ?

How can I do that?

Setting a field doesn’t append to it’s existing value, it overwrites it…

If you want it to say something else (i.e. POP5) then you need to enter that in the workflow…

But how can I achieve that?

Just type it into the relevant field when creating the thing…

This way?

If that’s what you want to set the value to then yes…

I did it this way but in the table that I’m putting to show the saved value, only the number is appearing. without the text

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