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Count occurence of values that are filled by linked table

Hey everyone,

I have a main Type named “Prospect”. In this table, there is a field named “Step”.
This field is linked to another Type named Steps in the aim to choose easily a step : 1) Hook, 2) Explanation, 3) Offer …

When i want to count how many prospects have each Step values ( 1) Hook, 2) Explanation, 3) Offer …) , the only way is to constraint the research with a dropdown menu value to get the results.

But It’s not very user friendly I would like to have a table : with each steps and the count

Something like that:
FireShot Capture 674 - Stats -

I can’t work on fixed “text Inputs” in which i would write the value i’m searching :wink: , for example.
Unfortunately if I write a searched value in an text input, i can’t constraint the Field “Step” to this input value (maybe because this step is filled by a linked table)

I don’t know if I walk on the good path by working from the Prospect Type, or the :count option with the “do a search for” …

Maybe you have a better vision …


You should look at using option sets for this sort of categorisation, that way you ca just run 1 search and filter the result by option.

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Thanks @nfisher, I started to look at it. It seems to be the good way. My first new counts work well :ok_hand:

As I see, I’m gonna have a problem for translations … :wink: I’m used to change the caption thanks to “Conditional” to switch to translated values. I can’t play with conditional to change the source of an Options set, as i can do with table.

For the follow up and for closing this topic, Multi-language and Option sets can work together :slight_smile:

I decided to use attributes of Options Sets to play with multi-languages.

And after I use Conditional User’s language value to swith to OptionCaption with the right language .

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