Count of data per row to generate control number

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It looks like my control number is not working properly. I have 2 users in a database that is suppose to generate a control number each time these 2 users create a form on their own. But, my expression seems to only acknowledge the last count + 1 on a per user basis.

I intend this to be sequential regardless of who created the data.

This is how I made the expression, but how do you join and make the sequential number consistent?
Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 11.13.09 PM

Have you tried: Search for Official business:count+1

Yes, sometimes I am getting a skip in the sequence. I just tried now and it skipped again @SumitC

I’ll try to erase the data, and run another test.

Thanks for the screenshot. This is unusual.

Check this data in your database. Sometimes privacy rules may not display data in repeating group but data exists in the database.

If you want I can take a look if you share the editor link via DM.

Also, don’t forget to refresh the page when you make changes. Sometime Bubble’s database doesn’t display data changes with the refresh button.

I erased the database, so it basically started from 0 then jumped straight to no. 2, so far, I don’t see any skipped number. However, what I notice is that the issue on restarting the series back fro 0 happens each time a user creates data. Means to say, they start differently on a per user basis.

I think you are using “user=Current user” in the search criteria “Search for Official business”

When data about “official business” is created, the form number’s expression is “search for official business: count + 1”. However, it appears to be per user. That’s why they have different sequence/ control number.

Thanks. My understanding is that you want a unique count for each form and not each form by the user. If yes, can you share the screenshot of the search criteria indicated in the image

That is correct @SumitC . I want all created data regardless of the user to generate consistent and sequential numbers.

Its my understanding that Official Business Form Number and Official Business are different data types. If yes, try changing this

Official business form number = Search for Official business form number:count+1

Make sure not to specify any restriction in the search criteria.

Official Business is the data type while Official Business Form Number is a field.

My bad. I should have recognized that.

It’s hard to help without seeing the actual database

Give this a try:

Its not exactly the same as what you are trying to build but will help you understand the the logic.

Thank you @SumitC. Let me take a look and explore possible inspiration.

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