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Count only negative or positive results


I have a Repeating Group that displays data calculated based on User’s input. In one column there’s two values that are shown depending on the type of strategy picked by the user (if it’s BUY or if it’s SELL). Those numbers can be both positive or negative and results are fine.

However, afterwards I need to count and sum only positive or negative values to display in another field. I tried to insert <0 and >0 into a search, but it’s not working. I also tried just to extract the Repeating Group list of things counting only <0 and >0 but it’s not working either. What am I missing?

Any help will be appreciated!

Could you share a link to your editor?

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Just need to extract negative or positive numbers of a column in the Repeating Group to do a simple count:


The result would be 3 positive numbers and 1 negative.

Does anybody can recommend a place other than community forum and learning center (I’ve been there many times already) to learn how to build on Bubble?

I’m stuck for hours not just with this, but with other calculations, it’s getting really hard to build my app on it… I’m really really frustrated.

So sorry this got by me…

So what is the source of this list? If the source of your list is a Search for Grades and you have a field called “Score” that is a number within the Grade type…

To extract positives, you could use a text element for this expression: “Repeating Group’s list of Grades :filtered :count” where the filter is Score > 0

Do < 0 for negatives.

You could also do a database search with the same source as the Repeating Group. “Search for Grades: Count” where the search has the Score > or < 0 constraint.

Feel free to PM or email me if you want some extra coaching :slight_smile:

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Hi Gaby! Not at all this was got by you!

I’m just frustrated with Bubble because most of “different” stuff you wanna do you can’t find easily, and to me it’s not fair rely only on forum members as the only channel for help. I strongly believe they could put some more effort on elaborating more tutorials and lessons (those available are awesome, but far from being enough).

Anyway, your advice was precious and it worked just fine! I used the first solution with the filter.

Thank you very much!


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