Count Specific Text Data

Good Day,

i have a data that has a 2 Status Absent and Present and i want to count how many Present or Absent is added to the entry

i want the results to be like this

here’s my results settings

and here’s what i did in my workflow im not sure its correct :smiley:

and also aside from that i want the value to be multiplied by 30 so if the ‘Present’ value is 2 multiplied by 30 the results will be 60

If I’ve understood you correctly, you want to display for each member their count of presents and absents, right?

Okay, so I’ll assume that your Member field is of type User. Then RG’s content type can be User and for the Absent field, you can do a search for Absent or Present where Status is Absent: count. Then you do the same for Present. If you need to multiply by 2 then just do count * 2.

I hope that I have correctly understood the problem and that this helps.

thanks for the reply but where will i add the do a search for Absent or Present where Status is Absent: count is it in the workflow same with the image that i showed? or i will add it inside the RG when adding a Text Elements?

because i tried it but i can’t do the part where Status is Absent: count there’s no option for where and is Absent


Hi @jigsgfx.gj,

I meant in the RG.

I have created an example for you here:

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thank’s alot for your help i managed also to multiply the count results :smiley:

follow up question…

is it possible to add a button that will decrease the amount of Absent depends on input and another button to change the Absent to 0?

You’re welcome.

Re your follow-up question, I’m not sure I understand entirely what you mean, but I have added the following to my example:

  1. A ‘Delete’ button that deletes the last record from the Present_or_Absent table that matches the user and status specified in the dropdowns.
  2. A ‘Delete All’ button that deletes all records from the Present_or_Absent table that match the user and status specified in the dropdowns.

Hopefully, this is what you need, but if not, it should be easy to tweak it do what you want.

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once again thank you so much for your help work’s like a charm even though i did not base on the dropdowns i just did same way to do search for absent and set the member = to Current cells and Status = Absent :smiley:

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