Countdown Timer to Unlock Content

Hi all,

I’m trying to setup a countdown timer on a data type Job, repeating group. The timer would start when a Job is posted, counting down from 1 hour. Other users would see the job posted in the RG but can’t click on the job until the 1 hour timer hits 0, unless user is X role.

The trouble I’m having is mostly with figuring out how to set up the time condition. If someone could please help me figure out how this could be set up?

Should be straight forward enough…

Just store the ‘target time’ on the Job, and have a condition on the RG so that if the current cell’s target time is more than the current time it’s not clickable.


Thanks! What type of data would that be, text or date? I thought I could just use the “Created Date” from the Job and then somehow show a Created Date + hour to “set” the countdowns start time, countdown to 0 display somehow, and then set a condition to show the link to click

Yeah, that will work too (assuming the created date and the posted date are the same, or nearly the same)…

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