Counting Characters

Ok, curious is it possible to get the count of characters in a text box?
Also is it possible to return the number of Uppercase and Lowercase?

So if the client entered this in a text input field. [ The Pizza Palace ]
In 3 separate fields i would get;
Total Character Count = 14
Total Uppercase = 3
Total Lowercase = 11
Without spaces, of course.

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Am sure it would be possible.

Probably need some sort of regex to replace upper/lower with spaces and then do counts.

How would I implement something like this?

Harder than I though :slight_smile:

This is ugly, and I am sure there is a better way to use Regex … however …

So extract all Upper case chars, then filter on the ones that are not empty, and count it.

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Ok - So I learned a lot and din’t give up this time. My friends don’t be intimidated by the Extract with Regex tool. Thank you @NigelG for steering me in the right direction.

Have Fun!


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