Counting list of users who post a social media post

I am creating a social media management app that allows organizations (user 1) to sign-up using their own login and upload social media content into a repeating group. Individuals (user 2) would have their own login, be able to view the available content provided by user 1 and select which content they want to post directly to their social media platform such as LinkedIn.

I am using Pathfix to allow individuals to connect directly to their social media platforms and post.

I am trying to build a ‘Report/Analytics’ page for the organization (user 1) to see a count of how many times their uploaded social media content was posted by a list of users and a count of how many posts were posted.

I’ve tried a few different ways and can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks for your help!

You will need to create a workflow to make that happen.

When an user clicks an element (button) to share the content you can make changes to the count field (need a field “count” (type number), plus 1.

You can take the current cells index value to count contents separately.

Do you by chance have a screenshot of your recommendation? I think I understand what you mean, but I can’t seem to get it to work.


You try this first with sample data in a test page to see whether it meets your needs or not.

Create a dummy database and create a field in that database, give it a name “Count” . Select the data type as number. By default this is empty. You can create an entry with a default value “0”.

In the design editor (test page) insert an input element (type integer).

Insert a button element “Submit”.

Create workflow when button is clicked “Make changes to a thing”,
search for your test database:firstitem
select field to change (select “count” field) = this data’s (database name) "Count’s"value + input’s value.

Then preview in the front page. And try it.

This is how you can count anything when any element is clicked.

Thanks for your help! I got it working.

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