Counting the total file size of a particular user

Hey Bubbliessssss

When users are logged into my application and they upload a file it goes into one type called “Master File Upload. Every file throughout my system goes into this type. Easy!

Anyway, I was wondering how I could show the current user who is logged in the number of megabytes or gigabyte they have uploaded.

I understand I can “do a search for” all those files belonging to the current user that’s easy enough but I can’t figure out how I can count the total size of that user’s uploaded files.

Is this actually possible?. As always I really appreciate any ideas around this.

Anyone out there?

Can’t be done. I reached out to bubble a few months ago and they said they hope to add it later in the year.

Thank you very much for your reply! I

Until then use the uploadcare plugin (paid)…provides the file size on upload…create a a thing in you user type and + the file size passed by the uploadcare plugin …do the - when its removed.

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