Counting unique items within a grouping

I am trying to trend some data (PartSessions) on a graph that groups it monthly using a date field called Start. I then want to count unique part_ids within each grouping. When I try the config below, it counts the unique sessions instead of the unique part_ids. When I try to add ‘each part_id’ to the search and :unique elements, I can no longer group by the date field. Any thoughts?

You can group by on both the fields together. That will give you counts of each unique part_id too.

“Group by” doesn’t work like how typically SQL group by works. Group by in Bubble just gives counts. It doesn’t give results grouped by certain data.

Thx @BeePlusPlus …that almost worked but I lost my monthly grouping…it is showing exact rather than monthly. Any ideas?

If I am understanding it right, you can do a group by on your group by that you have done already and this time you just group on the start-date.

That worked…thanks @BeePlusPlus

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