Couple of questions before I start,


I am new to bubble but before I start I want to make sure it is the right fit for my app,.

I want to create an app where some users can complete a form then submit it for authorisation where a manager Someone else can review it, then add comments etc before they will authorise it and then issue the form as a pdf and send it to multiple users via email. Is this possible on bubble? And best way to do it? As different users? Organisations etc?

Also I want there to be aN issuing number on the form which automatically Counts up one each time someone submits data. Like an identifier, is this possible?

I also want to charge my customers for each form filled in and authorised but only the authorising organisation not the users is this possible, to tally it up say monthly?

Thank you for your help


Yes, everything you’re looking for is possible.

Good luck friend! :slight_smile:

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Thanks jobs,.