Forum Academy Marketplace Showcase Pricing Features link in debugger view of preview

I happened to scroll down in the debugger panel and noticed that there is a link off to a video file. I thought I had maybe some hidden group on the page, so did a search of the page source and nothing.

Is this picking up from somewhere else? I am not using coverr resources in my project.

I just don’t want to have links referring to something that I’m not using.

Is this a bug in the debugger panel?

I’ve noticed the same thing in my apps as well. Same video link. Interested to see what the cause of this is?

Found when using “Inspect” and looking at the default page element

That’s the default value of the video file if you use video as a background. If you don’t use it don’t worry about it.


Ok, thanks @emmanuel

Is it something that gets executed with every request? If we add covrr videos to a page, is this a duplicate request?