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CPQ (Cost, Price, Quote) System

To All willing to help, I’m in the middle of learning and trying to produce what we need on a small scale.

I’ve come to this crossroad as I understand bubble so far:

I have a database of line items that I’d like to filter and list using a repeating group (I’ve accomplished this). Next I am trying to take this “quote” (or list of items) and save them to a quote (that can be edited for a limited amount of time). I’ve seen where you can save them to a state (as a list) and refer to it, but my users will eventually have 40+ of these that they need to manage. Unsure if this is the best technical route, or if the database route is required for the “quote management”.

Each quote produced will have 100 rows or more (and lining this us manually doesn’t look very appealing). The temporary state (as a list route) sounds like a better option. Not sure how to make this happen at this point.

Any help or direction is appreciated, Thank You.