Crazy idea: Turn to a back-end for Web flow as a Frontend

Finally, no question about the superiority of webflow as a front-end. Memberships and logic may be coming, but is the most flexible for MVPs. Would be great to be able to use as a backend onto Webflow frontend code - natively - no zappier and crappy connections.

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I’ve just decided to start using Wappler for both. Yesterday I created a database, back end logic and front end displaying the results with filters in abou half an hour. No additional api calls and no fake databases like airtable…


How did you set the database and everything? It´s quite complex.

No it really isn’t, there’s a database manager in wappler and internal nodejs server which requires you to install nothing additional. So as per their instructions i created a database through their database manager and added a table with columns, then entered some data. Then the database is ready to be used in the back end logic (so called server actions).

Do you know if for example, for invoice line items, you have to touch the database every time a record gets added just as in Bubble? Or can you show a list in the front without touching the database and then on the save button, save the invoice record and the invoice line items records all at the same?

No, from what i see you can create your repeating elements on the front end in a form and submit them when you are done. There are multi insert actions available.

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Can you show us an example if you have one? That would be game changer.

Maybe i can setup and publish one later. What would you like to see in such an example?

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Hey @jsmith

I´ll love to see how to handle a simple invoice with each invoice line items so that when you hit on a save button on the invoice page, you create a new invoice and his invoice line items associated to an invoice.

That would be awesome.

Wappler looks really good.

Ok but how would you see the logic behind this? I can create such a page, but the backend logic will remain hidden.

@jsmith I bought a one year license 2 years ago and got nowhere. As a newbie I remember being told on the forums that I would have to learn mysql, html, css, and bootstrap to be able to get started in addition to a bit of javascript. Is the learning curve still that high or have things been simplified for non-programmers since then?

You can already do this in Bubble if you just save your items to a state instead of a database object.

Or did I misunderstand your usecase?

I’ve never been told such things. No one from the Wappler team ever mentioned such a thing. I touched no code in the process of creating my test app.

If you know any of those it gives you a head start, but it’s not needed. There is still a learning curve and it’s steeper than Bubble’s one.

But make no mistakes, Wappler is not for everybody. If it clicks with you, you will earn freedom, flexibility and performance. If it doesn’t either you are a stubborn person that likes learning and eventually make it or you will be frustrated.