Creat a new Temporary thing - List, without saving in database

Hellow Bubblers.

I need the following…
The users add new medicine information data (fields: 1- Medicine name; 2- Dosage). Every time click button (Add), than add the inputs information and show in Repeating group:

IT works only when i create a new thing in database, since the Repeating group only shows data from database.

But i want the users add this new medicine in the list (repeating group list) only for show purpose, not for saving in database.

How can i do that?
@eddieboom @NigelG

The repeating group is always going to need to pull data from somewhere, so even if you are just using it for show purposes, you’ll need to store it somewhere. You can do this by having a new type of thing called Temporary Medicine or something like that. Then, just empty that list on a regular basis

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Thanks @andrewgassen. I just want not to clog my database. But i understand your explanation.

Thanks again

You can use a combination of states, inputs and repeating groups for that.

In my example: 2 inputs, 2 custom states and 2 repeating groups.


I tend to favour sticking it on a temporary table, or on the User as a temporary field.

Custom states are great, but they reset if the user refreshes.

Depends on your use case of course.


Thanks so much @JonL.
Is There a Way to make It in only one Repeating Group? Since I need to associate the Medicine name with the dosage for future purpose and workflow, as copying the list or save this list.
I did not worked with Plus Item, but U Just teached me.

I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks.

I’m afraid not. Or at least I haven’t been able to do that.

I only presented you with a way to show a temporary list. If at some point you pretend to save in the database you have to go through the standard way.

Thanks @JonL, @NigelG.

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