Create a betting platform

I am looking for a developer to create a betting platform on, similar to Goldbet, Betfair, William Hill, etc.

The platform will be based on the use of existing APIs online.

If you think you have the skills and experience necessary for this job, please respond to this post, describing your technical skills, years of experience, and platforms you have built.
Only people with a strong level of English will be considered.

Specific requirements:

  • Experience with
  • Experience with APIs
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript, UI/UX design
  • High level of English

Thank you for your interest!

Hi, I would love to help you get your betting app built for you as it seems like a perfect fit for me. I’ve taken a look at the reference sites you shared and I definitely understand what you are looking for.

I’ve successfully built over 50 apps in the 3+ years I’ve been building on bubble. Prior to this, I was a fullstack developer working with traditional code so I’ll be able to properly solve and handle any and all areas in developing your app and API integration.

I’ll be glad to share a link to my personal portfolio and even connect you to a few of my past clients if you want.

Also, feel free to see my LinkedIn profile to learn more about who I am as a Bubble developer:

I’ll be excited if I were shortlisted for this post!

A betting platform skates the Acceptable Use policy for Bubble. I personally have distaste for these things but my suggestion is that you contact support first before pouring in any resources on your app.

Actually, Bubble does support it or rather, they don’t stand against it as long as there is nothing illegal going on.

As long as the app provides strict betting only services and not gambling or quick turn around operations it is within Bubbles Acceptable use.

Ultimately, your app has to provide legal services and what makes a betting app legal is

  1. Transparency and fairness
  2. Regulations and open responsiveness
  3. Tax payment
  4. Ease of use and convivence.

As long as you plan to not break any laws with your app, you are 100% allowed to build it. And this goes for any other industry.

Doesn’t hurt for OP to clarify with support. If I was OP I wouldn’t want to end up getting my app locked up after pouring time and money into it when all I had to do was contact support.


Worse comes to worse, the OP could just export the code to a host that was ok with a betting platform :wink:

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Hi Tomm!

  • I have +3 years of experience building apps in Bubble.

  • I’ve been working for a HR Tech company in Canada (Lmon)

  • I’m currently working in a HR tech company based in Mexico (Joinready). We have built this company with a database outside of Bubble. So, we use a lot of calls and posts.

  • I 've built a platform to control finances for women called Femvest in Chile (Femvest)

  • lI’m looking for challenges. I really love that.

  • This is my Linkedin.

  • This is some of my Portfolio.

Have a great day.

Hey man

Dropped you a DM. Any questions, please let me know.