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Create a blog on site using Bubble or use external CMS?

over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking of a blog - and I have a conundrum. Should I create a blog on my site using bubble and duplicate some of the features of good blogging CMS or rather just use the CMS and keep the blog outside bubble…

What would you guys do? My key requirements are:

  • The blog will be used for lead generation
  • I can’t code! so I can’t make the external blog look “the same” as my site

Looking at bubble itself, I see it uses medium for blogging… so maybe there’s a hint on what I should do, but I would like to know what others think…

Right… We did pick medium for our blog, mostly for the social aspect, as we see our blog as a way to grow the community (please share the posts when you like them :smile:).

It’s totally doable to build a blog on Bubble, you can use disqus for the discussion, etc. Now to be honest, some CMS do that pretty well, and if you’re happy with a set of features of another service I’d go for this as it’ll be more work to replicate what they have in Bubble. But if you think you’ll be limited by the CMS in question, the yes, bubble is def an option and is more flexible.

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Creating your blog on Medium will make it much easier to share. For instance, you will find it 100x easier to share your post on Reddit if you post to a neutral domain like Medium. Reddit is an anti-marketing community for the most part.

However, there’s nothing stopping you from using both strategies. You can put some posts on your Bubble site as dedicated pages. Then you can link to those dedicated pages from your Medium blog from time to time.

Also note that Medium + Reddit can get a lot of views. So keep this in mind if you’re in one of the bottom-tier Bubble plans.

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Right, so I’ve decided to go with my head and don’t see a point in duplicating what other CMS do well. SO I will have an external blog.

And @Tommy I did think about blog readers eating into my visitor limit of site.

Hi there,

So I’m new to bubble and just starting to learn how to set up pages, modify content, etc. I do want to have a blog set up on my bubble site as part of the ultimate monetization of our work flow will result from tracking users flowing into our site. I have a few questions about a blog, but a few precursor points that might be helpful.

First, I’m a non techie kind of guy so my tech skills are not even close to on par with a programmer, but that’s what I like about bubble, in particular “if they do this then I do that, etc” which will allow for customized growth. Although I’ve used many, many platforms and had custom CRMs and other software developed for my previous companies so I get the processes, and can make my way around infrastructures.

And secondly, I’m on a tight, almost non existing, budget, so I need to do everything myself.

I viewed the Pluggin’s but didn’t see anything for ‘blogs’ before finding this article. I get the reference to disqus as I use it frequently as a user and would use it for engagement on the blog. Is there a CMS pluggin that could deliver decent CMS capabilities to an organic bubble blog?

If not, how would I go about creating a blog in bubble?

And would the + pluggin allow for distribution set up to outside social media site both for initial distribution of articles, and then also for readers to share?

I’m probably missing some elements that are crucial to the infrustructure of a bubble blog so any input in that regard would also be helpful.

I also wanted to know what @Faiz was referencing when he said “my visitor limit of site”?
thanks in advance

Hi @tellesio ,

On how to get the blog set up itself

When I was thinking of creating a blog using bubble to complement my site, I was thinking of it along the same lines as you are. I.e. if it’s on my site, I can do everything just the way I want it without disturbing user experience and also drive more leads to my site.

To create a blog you need a couple of things -

  • Create a ‘Blog’ DB. Input fields of Title, Body, Author, Author Bio, Category, Excerpt

  • Ability to publish, preview, edit the thing in the DB

  • Add to share plugin to offer sharing capabilities

  • DISQUS integration for comments

You can add these all in your bubble editor. How to display this information is really upto you. If I have to be dead honest, on thing I never figured out (as I didn’t get to that point) was how to add Pagination (maybe @NicolasDap , @georgeciobanu or @emmanuel could help with that).

So you see, my idea gets a simple blog up and running soon.

Now, what did I mean about “my visitor limit of site”?

That is a very good question. I think at the time Bubble plans were set to number of visitors to the site. Which meant, if a post took off there could be 10,000 views but probably 100 signups… so I am paying for views that could’ve been one off… although I would still have that than have 100 views :slight_smile:

Anyhow, a recent change clarified the plans and they are now super simple, i.e. I get charged for the amount of workflows I run a month. So 10,000 views but not running too many workflows is OK now.

I hope I have atleast partially answered your question and got you moving?


Two small notes:

  1. Don’t worry about traffic - the new pricing doesn’t count visitors but server-side workflows - blog posts are static so views don’t count toward your quota, which is already very generous. Unless of course you have an interactive blog as a new medium for communication :smile:

  2. Up to you how to do the blog - are you trying to make it super custom, or use this as a learning experience? Bubble is a splendid tool for this. If you just want to have a blog it’s probably easier and more efficient to use an existing platform. Either way we are here to help you succeed!

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One of the benefits of building your blog on Bubble is that you can have your blog content on the same domain as your site (good for SEO purposes). Right now, I have my blog on a subdomain & I really want to move it to

The problem I have is that I cant create multiple URLS in Bubble that start with /blog/. Bubble turns my backslash into a hypen or underscore: Is there any way to get around this?