Create a calendar feed

I am hoping for a clean way to create a calendar feed for a calendar of events I’m tracking in Bubble. With a date type, and the ability to set up calendars, this seems like the logical next step and would be instantly useful in my app.

Here’s how I would need to to work. My app works on teams. Each team can create and track jobs on a calendar within Bubble. I’d love to be able to give each team their own feed url that they could subscribe to on their phones or computers to see their scheduled work. I would also want to have control over the title of the event, and the comments. Location would be nice but isn’t a hard need like the other fields.

Please make this happen! I would imagine it would be useful to many who are using calendars throughout their app.


You could add a field teamID and set permissions on the table so that only users with that teamID are able to view.

Thanks for the suggestion! I have that part down luckily. What I’m hoping to an accomplish is an external calendar feed that users can subscribe to on their phones in order to view the events in THEIR calendar from my Bubble App.