Create a field that has unchanging values that you can't change


I’m trying to create a field that has unchanging values, I made an action that when the field value changes, do find&replace to the state of this input and then reset input with a condition to that input says if this input state is not empty, change the initial value to this state, but that’s not the point since you can edit the unchanging values which can be confusing.

Looking for an efficient way to add a non-changing value to the field at the beginning and end of the text in real-time that you can’t edit.

Does anyone have an idea how to do this?


Just prepend and append those values to the user’s input.

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Thank you @keith but, append can be edited since you can add to the end of the text a value after appending.

For example Value:apend123
Result: Value123 which can be edited and pasted 123 again when the value changed.

  • The input should be in real-time and not appending in the database.
  • Value 1/2 should be uneditable in real-time.
  • You can’t add value before V1 and after V2, only in the middle(Type here your text).

My point is this interface is bonkers. But if you really need it just report Val 1 and Val 2 outside of the input. Now the user cannot change them in the input. And then when the user is done turn their input (by which I mean the RESULT of their input) into V1 + input + V2.

I have the STRONG feeling that your desire to make the sort of input you imagine is that you are unfamiliar with web and UI development in general. There is a high likelihood that I am correct in this.

It might be better if you explained exactly WTF Val 1 and Val 2 represent.

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@keith, learn how to speak in such a respectable community, that’s one, two, thanks for the help, and three, everything you suggested is a lack of experience :slight_smile:

Outside of input is like avoiding great UI.

  • Value 1/2 is just a value, it doesn’t matter what is it. It’s all about figuring out how to have them in the input where you can’t edit them.


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