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Create a link(relation) between user

Need help, what I want to achieve is create groups of users, 1 group have many users, one user is leader of that group, and the leader user also lead other groups also, can I create a link or relation between users to achieve this? or I got logic error that need to use something else instead. concept is like a teacher handle many classrooms.

There are a couple ways this could be structured, any of which work depending on all the details of how you want to use the data. You can simply create a data field under User to include a List of Users, but sounds like with what you are creating you may want to include a data type for the Classrooms themselves to help organize your data…

In this case I would create a Data Type called “Classroom”
Within the “Classroom” you will have the fields:

  • Name (text)
  • General Users (List of Users)
  • Leader (User) -> make it Leaders and (List of Users) if multiple Leaders should be allowed

Under the ‘User’ Data Type I would have the fields

  • Associated Classrooms (List of Classrooms) -> make singular if can only be a part of one classroom
  • Classrooms Led (List of Classrooms)

This allows you to easily connect users to one another, while making it easy to show a User which classes they Lead and which they are just Associated with.


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