Create a List of dates in range on filtered by selected day of week

Hi, I’m quite new to Bubble and am building an app for an organisation to manage delivery sessions. I want to offer the option to recreate a session on multiple days. I think I’ll need to use the API workflow from a list, my issue is how to create the right list!

I have an initial session, with a date field, and the option to clone the session. I want the user to be able to select the number of weeks and the day of the week to clone the session for and want to use the API to create one session fr each date in that list.

Using the date range I can get a list of all dates in a repeating group, but I can’t find a way to filter this list by a selected day of the week. If I use a multi dropdown it’s greyed out as an option to filter because it’s either text (days of the week) or numbers (1-7 for days of the week).

Any thoughts?

@simon4 - not sure if you still need to do this but, if so, here’s how