Create a list of tickets from a cart

I am involved in a project which aims to develop a ticketing website. I have developed all features linked to tickets purchasing.
I would like now issuing all tickets sold by the seller. Right now I have an entry in the database stating for each order tickets description, prices and the quantity of tickets purchased for this event (ie: a group of 6 people). How to create a list of 6 tickets in a table displaying for each ticket a ticket number, a name,… and create a pdf with these tickets printed?
Thanks for your help.

I think the ticket name should be created by the ticket seller at the time they create the event and the corresponding tickets. Below is a screen shot of how I allow event hosts (ticket sellers) to create different tickets for their events. Events will have different types of tickets such as VIP or Standing Room Only, which would be the name of the ticket in most cases.


Then when a user wants to buy a ticket you can generate a random code for the ticket to act as the ticket number…what I think is more important is the total quantity available of tickets for that type and to ensure you are not selling more tickets than the event venue is capable of hosting.

Then when a user has selected the quantity of tickets, such as six, you need to store it as a list.

To create the PDF you will need to use a plugin.