Create a list with preference

I want to send gifts to exact 10 users. for that i create a list of those user based on a parameter. let’s say referral points.
i set a range of referral points that is from 2 to 10.
but there are only 5 such users.
for the rest 5 users my second preference is anything else.
in short the list should continue upto 10 items though there only 5 items based on first parameter the remaining list should continue based on second parameter only

how can i do that??
please help.

Hello Sarthak

Let’s see if I can help you.

I understood that you have one list of users with two (relevant) parameters.
You want to show 5 users which meet the criteria of parameter 1.
You want to show the other 5 user which meet the criteria of parameter 2.

Is that correct or anything else that is important?
How do you want to show it? In one repeating group or two?
What do you mean by “list should continue”?
Please specify.

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Hey Manuel…
thank you for the response.

if you have visited to e-shopping sites (e.g amazon, flipcart, etc.), you will observe that they will show you the the list of product of your interest and when the list will over they will continue to show you the other products.
even when you apply a filter they will show you list of product accordingly and when its over they will keep showing you the products of not you interest or other than filter.
in short, the list must never end.

i want to create kind of system.

Hey @Sart

There are multiple ways to achieve this.
It depends on how you select the products that are of interest to the customer.

The outline how I would solve it:

  1. Create a list of products the customer viewed. Assign these to the current user.
  2. Show the customer the most sold products in the same category (by defining the data source).
  3. Define which products should be shown after all similar products are shown. You could do that by setting a yes/no field OR you could create a number field which counts the times a product was sold. That allows you to show the most sold products, filtered to not show the similar products as in step 2.

It really depends on how you want to create that logic behind it. Does that help a little?

Or does your question tend in the direction of how to combine the two items (products)? One idea to solve this is to create a slider, because you mentioned Amazon. For example the first slide has the 5 products that are personal recommendations and the next slide has the other 5.