Create a Matrix Intersection with a repeating group inside another repeating gruop

Hi I’m trying to create a simple 3X3 Matrix

using the following Data Structure

the goal is to visualize a Matrix content showing the information of both the rows and the columns in each intersection like the following image

What I have done is to create a Child Repeating Group inside another Parent Repeating Group

In the Parent Repeating Group I load the list of Rows

Then I put in the cell of the Parent Repeating Group a Text in it shows perfectly the list of Rows

So I decided to add the list of the Columns in the Parent Repeating Group to complete the matrix sctructure and add a text in this repeating group showing each of the columns.

But I need to present each correspondent row inside the text of each intersection
So I decided to add the actual Parent repeating group’s Row using the actual index, but it takes the index of the child and this is the result

How can I get the right index of the row ? to show the matrix in the correct way??

I hope that you can help me to solve this I have been thinking all this week about how to solve this and show each intersection of the matrix accessing both correspondent Row and correspondent Column information.

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