Create a new database (or view) from existing data?

I’m not even sure how to best articulate this question - but I’m essentially trying to restructure existing data to create a specific view for my application users. The current data that I have pulls in from an external API and EVERYTHING is just dumped into a database. Relevant fields look like this on the UI:

What I would like to do is allow for a view that groups the data together by the “Owner” field. So in the pictured example, “Robert B Rowling” would only have his name appear once, and all of his trade data would appear underneath.

What’s the best way to achieve this?

Create two repeating groups. The first repeating group is grouped by the name. Then inside of the repeating group create a second repeating group that selects the data that matches the name.

This will accomplish the intended goal.

Example here:

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I think I’m running into trouble (bubble trouble?) because all of my data is stuffed into a single database. Where your have Persons and Company in two different DB’s, mine is all combined into one:

It’s actually exactly the same regardless.

I made another example to show you but the only thing I changed was the grouping field (so that it grouped by a field on the same table and not a reference to the company table):

However, if you look back at the original example you will notice that both repeating group data sources were already from the same table Person. Hopefully this gives the extra clarity you need to see that it can be done with no trouble in bubble.