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Create a new item Error

Hi , ty for the Help.
i’m experiencing something odd that may be a bug. Or maybe im just missing something.

i want to create a new thing and set a field to a value of the the current cell value. Both the field value type and the cell value type are the same but it says me there are not.


Whats the problem here?, is it a bug?

That’s odd. Try deleting it and re-creating it. That may solve the problem, or at lest get you a better error message.

Are you sure they are the exact type? It’s possible that they could just be named the same but referencing different objects/classes.

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Ty both @Scott @sridharan.s =). The item_presentation expected by ordered_item was not exactly the same . At some point i deleted item_presentation data type and then created it again. To fix it i just needed to delete the item_presentation field in ordered_item data, then create the same field again with the value of the newest item_presentation data type, and finally refreshing the page (f5).

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