Create a new record with fields that are of a different data type

I am trying to create 3 different data types with linked data from one input page. However workflow does allow me to add the data of a field set to a data type?

This is my input page.

This is the workflow for the add item button. It is intended to create a new grocery item, then a new Store price linked through the Grocery Item. The Brand, Category and Grocery Store are their own data types as well.

The problem seems to arise when searching other data types for data to correlate?

In the case of the Brand field, the value needs to be a Brand (not a text, as you’ve currently got)… so just remove the text value (the name) and leave the value as the actual brand.

In the other two fields, it looks as though you’re trying to create new entries based on the search input’s text value?…

So you’ll need to create those new things first in the workflow, then set those fields with the value of those newly created things (by referring to the result of a previous step)

I had originally tried that but it fails to create an item.

With the logic I was trying it would create the items but simply left those linked fields blank.

So I signed out and signed back in and now the it shows the item was created 3 times.

So I guess it works, but is there a way to make sure that duplicates can’t be created?

Sure, just add an ‘only when’ condition to check the database for an existing entry…

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