Create a New Thing Action Not working

I am working on a ride sharing app. I use the “create a New Thing” action to create a new trip once a user requests for a ride. For some reason which I don’t know, this action doesn’t work always. Whenever I check my “Trip” database, no trip is created.

I used the bubble debug tool to inspect the action as I run it step by step in the screenshot below. Clearly you can see the action been created in the debug tool. But when you go to the database nothing is created.

Bubble Degub Screenshot

Screenshot Trip Database

Screenshot of workflow

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Hello friend,

I saw in your debugger screenshot that you have the little red triangle error, can you click on it and show me a screenshot of the error so I can see if it’s linked to your trip not creating ?

Thank you

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@kaydevfr it is an error from the map maker. I don’t think it is associated with this though.

Here is the screenshot

Hmm :thinking:

What filter do you have on the view that you are looking at in your database? Can you click on ‘All Trips’ instead of ‘All Trips modified’ to see if there is anything there? :man_shrugging:

@J805 I only modified the fields I want displayed for me to see on the right. It is still the same Trip database.

Here see in the screenshot

You are on the free plan? If you are then there is a limit to the number of things you can create.

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Good catch, I think it’s only 200 items now for free plans right?

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Yep, last i remember it’s 200 Things.

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Yeah, on a free plan.

Where do I see that I have exceed limit?

And is there a way to reset it ?

I don’t think I have exceeded the limit either. I only have User records which is only about 50 test users. That leaves me with about 150 more things to create.

I am curious if you delete the address fields if it will create the thing for you. Can you try that and see if it is an issue?

If I understand you correctly, you mean I should not include “Destination Location” and “Pick Up Location” ?

Yeah, just temporarily to test and see if that is an issue.

Ok, let me try that now

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Ok so when I delete the addresses like you mentioned, I am able to create trips.

It is quite a strange behaviour, any explanations to that?


In the screenshot you can see the trips been created. For the two records that have the destination and pick up location values filled, the reason is:

I actually have two workflows that creates the Trips. One workflow creates the for-example UberX trip and the other UberXL trip.

When you asked me to delete the addresses, I only deleted for UberX and didn’t delete that of UberXL.

Then I went in and ordered for UberXL(the one I didn’t delete) and it created the trip in the database. I was shocked so i did it again to comfirm and it worked again.

Finally, I went in and deleted the addresses for both workflows. That is how come the latest record has no addresses created.

So is it working now? Did you resolve the issue? :man_shrugging:

Not really!
It works only when I delete addresses. :disappointed_relieved:

When I add the address back, it doesn’t work.

Do you have any explanation for this please?

Ok, well it is probably what I thought was going on then. It’s an address issue. Could be a Google API Key issue or just how you are saving the data. I have seen this before, I just can’t remember what solved it exactly though. :thinking:

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Should I regenerate my API Keys again?