Create a new thing from a selected list


I need help understanding how to create a new thing for each selection from a list of things.

I have a form that will allow users to select a social media platform from a multiple choice input form. This form populates the choices from Option Sets that I’ve created within Bubble.

The selected social media option, let’s say Facebook, shows a hidden group that has a list of Aspect Ratios specific to Facebook as options. I created this list by combining repeating groups with Bubble’s checkbox form. These options are also populated from another Option Set that I created within Bubble.

My goal is to create a new thing, called Task, for each Aspect Ratio selected from the Checkbox list. So when I click “Next”, that is what should happen. But I’m having trouble understanding how to make this work.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Hey @randreas

Thanks for the post and great question! There are probably a couple ways you could handle this, but given what you’ve described, I might recommend a backend workflow where you ‘schedule a workflow on a list’ and pass the selected list of items to the workflow. For each run of the workflow, it will create 1 task for that particular aspect ratio.

Here’s our manual entry on scheduling a workflow: Scheduled Workflows - Bubble Docs
And, I also want to draw your attention to recursive workflows which might be the better option depending on how many potential items are in the list you’ll be passing in: Recursive Scheduled Workflows - Bubble Docs

Give these a look and don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly with any additional questions by emailing [email protected]


Hello Andrew

Thank you for responding. I realized I need help with another thing as well, which is creating a checklist in the first place.

I started by creating a reusable element and placing the checkbox input in it. I populated the repeating group with a set of options from within my Bubble app. However, I cannot seem to save the specific items that were selected. Instead it saves all of the options. There doesnt seem to be a “save if checked” option that I could find.

Could you point me in that direction as well?

Hey @randreas Happy to have helped!

I actually responded to your forum post on this topic earlier today. It’s a great question. Give it a look and feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] with any additional questions.

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