Create a new 'thing' through a Group Focus and 'Enter' key

I’m trying to build similar functionality to this:

that when ‘Add task’ is clicked it pops up with empty fields based on columns from the parent board:

Currently I have a group focus doing the pop up action with the empty fields, which seems to have some issues as I have other group focuses within it…

What I want is to add the functionality that when a user fills the empty fields and hits the Enter key, or when the user clicks out of the Group Focus, it creates a new thing as it does in the above example which is from Asana.
Is this possible/is there a better way to achieve this functionality?

Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks

Sounds straightforward to me.

When you click on Add Task, you can make a hidden group visible which contains all the input fields required for the Thing (Task). This can be a simple group that is positioned under the Add Task button (which collapses when hidden) if you want to avoid putting it inside another Group Focus.

Does that make sense?

Yeah that makes sense. The part that I’m not sure on is how to use that to create a new thing when the user hits Enter key, ie: create a new thing without a button having to be clicked by the user.

As long as there is a button with the Create workflow attached, you can hit enter after filling an input field and it will run the button’s workflow without having to click the button. What you can do is set the button to 1px x 1px and set its color to opacity 0 so its not visible to anyone.

Is this what you are after?

More or less yes that’s what I’m after!

Using the enter key to click the button saves the input field as expected but not for the other fields on my ‘add task’ group. Namely, assignee, due date, due time, priority.

Below is the workflow attached to the button when clicked. Any ideas what might be going wrong? Does this Enter/button click only save one input field or can we make it save multiple inputs/fields?

Or to keep it a good UX for my app, is there a way the user can hit Enter and save the task without having to have the Input focused?
Even better, is there a way the user can click anywhere on the screen and the new task will be saved automatically?

Yes, you can use a popup for this. Set the popup layout to Align To Parent. Then put a group (A) with full width and height. Set that to Align To Parent too. Then place the inputs group (B) on top of group A. On group A, set a workflow to create new task.

@S2294 Thanks, and to clarify I should use a pop up group, not a group focus?

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