Create a New Thing... with a formula

Have got a an api accessing the latest metals price from

When the XAU price comes in the value is 0.000511248219 I then need to do a calculation 1/0.000511248219 which gives me 1955.9970339965.

The option in a workflow you are able to “Create a New Thing” has the option for me to select a table for the new thing with the result of step 1, but I cannot put a 1 / at the beginning and can only do it at the end which will not give the correct result.

If anyone could assist me in pointing me in the write direction.

Hello @john15

1/x = x^-1

You cannot write 1/x in bubble but you can write x^-1

So then how does a a person divide in Bubble?

You can divide using the / operator but you cannot modify or create a new field that has the number field type with a raw number as far as I know.

I realised how to get my calculation in, if I set a field with a 1 - then I am able to change a data thing by specifying the field to change then = result of previous step (reference field for the 1) / result of previous step (Gold price) then gives me my calculation.