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Create a new thing without any input

I am creating a job posting website. I have several groups on a page, each with its own button for different types of jobs the user can post. When the button is selected, the user is sent to another page to complete the job application form.

As an example, the user can select a “chef” button as the type of job he/she wants to post. On the next page, I want the category to be pre-populated with the category of job, ex. chef, given that the user has already selected this button.

If the word chef had been typed in to an input box, I would know how to create a new thing but given that there is no input I’m not sure how this can be done.

My best attempt was to create a new thing, set a new field, but instead of added = input’s value, I have = Chef as text (this is not working).


You could have a new Data Type of “Job Type” and have a text field on it with things like “Chef” etc.

Then you can pass this thing around, and you will have the text available.