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Create a paggination with some filter on RG

Here i have repeating group where i must do sorted by datetime(“From date” and “To date”), select account(where i have a dymanic choises with number of card of my user) and number of rows in dropdown(where you see a number 10).
I have a custon state Page
Here i have some conditionals which sorted my RG by choosing the dropdown “Select account”

But i dont understand how to make a changes, when i choose the number of rows, which changes the value of my rows in dropdown “show entries”.

Hey @a.tovstenko1 :wave:

Thanks for the post and nice work so far in getting some of this filtering set up.

I have a couple thoughts for you that should help with optimizing this and making it a little more flexible / performant overall.

First, consider putting some of these filters into your initial search whenever possible. While advanced is helpful and sometimes necessary, it evaluates all of it’s functions on the client side instead of server side which can be a big performance hit.

Since some of these filters are most likely optional, you can simply check the ‘ignore empty constraints’ checkbox which tells Bubble you MIGHT apply these filters, but if they’re empty (dropdown that doesn’t have a value) ignore them.

You can also use the :items until operator to handle how many should be loaded in the repeating group which might be helpful in trying to make the number of items loaded more dynamic.

I’d start with these suggestions and see where that gets you! Keep in mind you’re always welcome to email us directly with any additional questions at [email protected].

Best of luck with the build!!

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