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Hi there!

We’re building an official plugin for Loops and I’d love to hire someone from the forum.

Our aim is to support everything on this page in a clean, easy to use layout :slight_smile:

The goal would be to limit the amount of code written by the end user while extending the plugin to the full capacity of what we can offer as a Loops integration.

We would need to handle some things like support for pulling in dynamic keys and/or supporting free-form keys as well as making sure we have 100% support for the api. Here’s our new Make integration for reference if it helps:

Looking for someone with experience creating an integration and wants to follow Bubble best practices.


Are we talking about setting up the api requests for your service? It looks like something that anybody can integrate using the built in api connector. You can set them up in the “api calls” section of the plugin without the need of using code. This will leave only 2 things missing:

  • rate limit needs to be handled in userland with the actions in the app editor
  • data variables (send transactional email), need to be passed as a json object by the user who will be responsible for creating a valid json. This is needed only for a general plugin, if a user integrates the request directly with the api connector in the project it actually get easier to tailor the request to your specific payload.

If you want to take care of rate limiting and handle data variables in a easier way for the user then you will need to go with code and a server side action. Keep in mind that server side action are priced at more than double compared to api request made with api connector or “api calls” of plugins.

Sooner or later any person building in bubble realize that you need to reach for the api connector because it’s more flexible, easier and faster to debug/change compared to plugins, so you may want to create a bubble specific guide about how to setup the api connector. It would be valuable as much as a ready made plugin.


@dorilama that’s nice comparison.

The plugin server side action consumes both of the following workload units?

Checkout Bubble Plugin Development Course?

@chris75 is it paid assignment?

my understanding is that each call to a ssa is 0.5 + 0.0005 x execution time in milliseconds

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of course!

Thanks for your help! Planet Nocode put this video together recently

We’re trying to be a good partner with the Bubble ecosystem so we’d definitely want to create a guide as well :slight_smile:

The plugin would be in addition

might as well throw SSA’s into cloudflare workers or something similar, right? It’s been my approach for years now

Once you go out of bubble there is plenty of options. The point here is to make something for the bubble ecosystem.