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Create a Plugin with a Backend Workflow

I’m creating a plugin for our application. I’d like it to handle webhooks automatically for the user. In order to do this I need the plugin to create a Backend Workflow or similar. Is that possible when creating a plugin?

Handle receiving webhooks? Short answer, no.

In your application, are you telling the user what their webhook URL is?

If so, just create a single API workflow that accepts a parameter; a unique ID specific to that user. Then give them the URL;

They can be passed in as head or body params, or query params for example;


If you need to add access token as an additional parameter to prevent malicious webhooks, you can do that too.


Really depends how much control the user has over the application that is sending the webhooks, but should be possible without a plugin.

Thanks for the info. It’s definitely possible without a plugin. My plan was that the plugin could configure it for them (the webhook is required to make complete use of the plugin). The user knows the webhook url but currently they have to configure a backend workflow themselves to update some data.