Create a process documentation App

Hello, I just want to explore the possibility of creating an app that helps with process documentation building. Is this something I can build using Bubble?
The idea would be to take screen shots and put under a template with additional text - it would be nice to also have the ability to record .gif.


Yes, this is possible with Bubble. Curious: why are you creating a documentation building app when there is Github, Notion, etc out there?

Thank you for response.

The process I am looking into is to have a standalone app and a chrome extension which allows me to take screenshots and create screen recorded .gifs so I can add in sequence in a document automatically (without the need of switching screens , redimensioning the shots, etc…)

The document with the content created could be stored within the app for download or shared via pdf with anyone.

Let me know if that makes sense to build with Bubble.