Create a proposal page from filled form

Hi all,

I’m using Bubble to make a CRM/CMS that will allow me to manage my clients more easily.
There’s something I’d like to do, but although I have been thinking about it for a while, I simply have no idea how!

Here it is:

1. I’m going to create a page with fields to fill, like client name, product ordered, price, T&C etc
2. Once the save button is clicked, I want a unique proposal/estimate page to be created from all these fields
3. The new page doesn’t have to popup when button save is clicked, but I want to be able to send that page to my clients when needed, so they can review everything.
4. That page has to be unique a new page will be created each time for each client
5. That page must be modified automatically if I modify the fields of the page on 1°)
6. That page must exist for an indefinite time

Any idea how?



What format will the page be in when sent to clients? pdf?

Hi Robert,

Yes and no.

  • the page needs to be a web page that my client can consult as I will aslo add so options like Decline and Accept buttons (so the client can accept or decline my offer).
  • a pdf also needs to be created, but I think I saw a plugin who does just that somewhere on bubble.

I meant html page and pdf.

You might want to do the tutorials as what you are describing is the core feature of Bubble.

Basically, here is what you do:

  1. Create your page(s) for entering your data about your various things. Submitting data on these pages will create things in your database like Customers, Products, Terms, etc.

  2. One of these pages will allow you to put all the things together that go into a Proposal.

  3. You will create a View Proposal Page that will present that info to a client. That page will, as an argument, take the unique-id of the Proposal to view.

  4. You will send that URL to a client.

This is how apps work in Bubble, basically.


I’d experiment with the pdf page creation first to get that nailed down. The plugin has some problems.

I think everything (except perhaps the pdf thing) can be done. It might be wise to hire a Bubble expert to build the skeleton functionality for you (i.e. do the heavy lifting). You can learn a lot by looking at how they did it. (the tutorials won’t be enough, imho)

Hi Keith,

Thanks for the input.
I don’t have any problems with 1) and 2) but I don’t get the logic on how to do number 3.

Tell me if I’m wrong but that page will have a unique URL, correct? If so, I don’t understand how to automatically create that page when you press the save button, especially with a unique URL.

Regarding the tuts I did those here but if you have some additional ressources that would help a lot.



Thanks Robert. That does make sense and I’ll keep that in mind.

Hi, the topic is a bit old, but I had the same problem, and decided to create an API and plugin to solve it : [Plugin Announcement]: Easiest and cheapest PDF creation in workflows (docx to PDF)

It enables to easily create pdf documents with Bubble dynamic data (images, text, repeating groups), based on a Word docx template which you can create and customize as you wish.