Create a Repeating Group from raw text

Hi Bubblers,

It’s been a while. I hope you’re well.

I need your help please. In brief, I don’t know how to create table data from raw text that I output from OpenAI. Or whether it’s even possible.

Basis of the App

It’s a volunteer scheduling app on for a pet rehoming charity. The app will allow volunteers to choose what dates and times they are available to meet with people who want to adopt a pet. To add their availability to the app, the volunteer must first select the date range, then the days of the week, and finally the time of day they are available. The app will then generate a list of the volunteer’s availability and add it to the charity’s calendar so adopters can select a slot.

As it stands, I’m generating the list of dates using OpenAI. The output is a nice clean list of dates, but as raw text, not a CSV, which I want to import into Bubble database of available dates for that volunteer. My idea was to create a