Create a RG that allows users to select/unselect tags

You can do these in two ways.

  1. In the first way, the repeating group can directly show the interests of the current user and you can set workflows/conditionals etc to display them in repeating group live. See the demo below:

It has the same structure as your DB. The repeating group just changes color if the current cell’s interest is in the current user’s interest:

And here are the workflow when clicked on these interests:


  1. The second way is to keep a list of interests as a custom state somewhere. I kept them in the page. Basically, in the first repeating group, I show all interests and whenever they are clicked, I add them to the page custom state. Another repeating group just shows the interests in the page custom state. Finally, you can set these page custom state interests to the current user if you want. See demo below:

The left repeating group (technically the middle one) has all interests:

When they are clicked, current cell’s interest is added to the page custom state:

And the right-most repeating group just shows the interests in the page custom state (here Interest2 is the name of the page):

Then, when the button is clicked:

It takes the page custom state’s list and updates the user’s interest:


I hope that helps.

You can see the page yourself in this sample app: Tests for Forum 3 | Bubble Editor

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