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Create a saas solution

Hi everyone.
I have been working on bubble for quite some time an ran through many dead ends.
I am an industrial engineer and had developed in the past a quality incident management solution on sharepoint for a company that is still being used by 300 employees, and 6 months ago I started working on the development of the same solution as a SaaS on Bubble (, and ended up not fitting some security requirement of client companies due to the solution data security design.
Can anyone help with some guidance (tutorials eventually) on how to build a highly secured solution on bubble? I know my question may sound too broad, but I lack the knowledge of the right approach. And if anyone with the skills is willing to jump in the project I am definitely open for partnership to make things move forward.
I am as well looking for some good detailed tutorial on how to setup correctly stripe and sendgrid… I didn’t find anything complete on my own.
Thank you very much for any feedback you could help me with.

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Check out this book, its the bible for bubble security!