Create a "Snapshot" of Data Summary

Good Evening Bubblers,

I’ve got an idea I’m hoping you can help with. I’d like to take a snapshot of progress, for a certain time period to compare with another time period.

For example:

  • Committee Members (a thing) are assigned to Donors (a list of things)
  • Individual Donors donate Items (a list of things)
  • Individual Items have a monetary value (a field on the donate item)

I’d like to create a Progress Snapshot (a thing?) that shows, at time the snapshot was taken, the Committee Member had a count of x Donors assigned to them, who had donated a count of y number of things, that have a sum total of z amount of money donated.

Each Progress snapshot would look something like this, rolled up by Committee Members (shows in column F, as “Item Assignments”)

What workflow would you put behind a button to generate a progress snapshot like that?



I would be tempted to just dump it all into a Google sheet, stick a dashboard tool on it, and then iFrame the dashboard on a page.

But you could potentially run a workflow to do this.

You would need a summary thing for each reporting line. You could then go through and “make changes to list” … The list being a search of the whole summary, and then add in the new time period’s data to a list on each thing.


Thanks @NigelG! Excellent suggestion! I’ve been trying to see what I can accomplish in Bubble, and if that doesn’t do it, Google sheets is my backup plan.

I had a similar aha! moment late last night, when I realized I’d need a “Snapshot” thing, which contained a “Summary Thing”.

My question is, upon button press, how to execute it, so it creates a Summary thing for each line in the search?

My test snapshot page (here) has a repeating group that looks like this:

The source of the repeating group is a search of “Assigned To” Names

For example purposes, taking just the first two the column values for use in creating the Summary thing:
In the ‘Assigned To’ column, the value is Parent group’s Assigned To’s Assigned to Name
In the ‘# Donors’ column, the value is Search for Donors:count (where ‘Assigned To’ = Parent group’s Assigned To)

I’ve created a Field on the Assigned To thing called “Snapshot List”, which presumably would contain a list of the summary things (I’m calling them “Assignment Snapshot Items”).

Here’s the structure of the Assignment Snapshot Items:

problem is you can’t call a CustomEvent (that would take as parameter the type of a list item) for all the items in a list (Bubble doesn’t support loops)

But you can do something to a list. So you could chain these together in a series of workflows ?

Thanks for the reply @NigelG . What might that series of workflows look like?

You could do “make changes to list of things” and do that on a search for all your things.

Then update the first summary field. Then the next etc.

Maybe if you put something in the forum app, or make your app public ?

Hi @NigelG, here’s a link to the page, which should be public

It would be helpful if “make changes to a list of things” included the same “create if thing doesn’t exist” checkbox that “make changes to thing” has.

Sorry, I meant to the actual editor.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Can you solve this issue? Or just using Google Sheets?

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Many years later…is it possible to have automated backups from Bubble to Google Sheets?

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You could do it via a database trigger now. So any time a row is changed, update it in GSheets,.