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Create a Textcombo as field out of other fields

Is it possible to change a Field Thing into a Textcombo out of two other text fields?

Not sure i’m following. You mean concatenating two fields? You can do this in a change thing action, referring to the current thing.

I mean like you have a field with First Name and a field with Last name. After those two inputs i would like to change the field fullname automatically into [“Firstnamesname.value”_“Lastname.value”].

First Name: Alfred
Last Name: Hitchcock
Fullname: Alfred Hitchcock

Well then you can just create this expression in the Change Thing action. Input first’value Input last’value.

You just need to have the 3 fields ready.

Emmanuel, I am trying to achieve the same thing as Lernwelten, however I do not understand your response. Could be more detailed?

Thank you.

perhaps this will help:

In my app I make a display name out of 3 separate field inputs: first, middle and last name (which are ON1_input_pop, ON1_input_pop2 and on1_input_pop3 respectively).

(EDIT: it’s missing a second space but you get the idea)

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