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Create a thing at regular intervals (eg daily)?

You can do that with schedule custom events or API workflows, but try Mixpanel (via plugin) as it might give you better insight throughout your app.

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Hi Scott,

Is there a way to schedule this ‘every day’, for 30 days?


Have you experimented with the Zapier integration to trigger API workflows in your app? This may be what you’re looking for.

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A little bit - I was hoping there was a better way.


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You can store the last date in the database, then reference its value in a condition before running the workflow each day to make sure you haven’t surpassed it.

That’s an interesting idea, but I’m trying to figure out how to run it every day without visiting my site every day.

So if I’m the only person who can run this workflow (as an administrator, with the right controls in place already for this) - then how do I press a button once and schedule a workflow once a day for 30 days (or 60 or 90)?

I suppose I could build a workflow that strung together (current date+ 1 day), (current date +2 days) and so on… But surely there is a more elegant/efficient way?

Maybe your suggestion already gives me the answer, but if it does, I guess I’m missing something.


You just have to trigger the workflow once. In the same workflow, perform your intended operation(s) and schedule the next custom event, except with the current date+1day. If it doesn’t allow you to reference the same custom event, just make a copy of it and have the two call the other. To make sure this doesn’t run indefinitely, make sure to put the appropriate conditions on both of the custom events.

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Here’s another possible solution for you:

Pay $10 for a years access to…

Use Zapier, On a free plan and daily tasks you won’t trigger the task limit.

If you are fairly technical then sign up to and create a cron job as a webtask.

This is essentially that same as the AWS Lambda solution linked to above. Webtask is a bit simpler that Lambda (and the new web interface means you no longer need to instal node.js etc on your machine).

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Thanks guys. Scott I tried your way, I think it might be possible as a messy hack but it’ll use up like 3-5x as many workflows each time. Unless you’ve specifically done this and can give step by step details?

Shame there’s not a built in function, this must be a pretty common thing people need to do… i can see why they’d want to avoid infinite loops so deliberately including a daily/monthly/hourly scheduler without the possibility of shorter times and that will self cancel if membership expires or whatever… that’d be the ideal.

Nigel was your post 3 separate ideas? It’s not critical that i automate this, just nice if easy to do, so I definitely dont wanna use anything complicated that requires a bunch of extra steps and setup, but if Zapier is a simple free solution then that’s good. I’ve made an account… Looks like i want their option “Send webhook POST requests on a daily schedule”…

Searched the forum to figure out how to set it up… I’m now following the setup detailed in the post below… hopefully i can handle it from here! :slight_smile: Cheers!

EDIT: Yeah it’s actually pretty easy to set this up in Zapier, following those instructions. Took like 15mins to work out, and seems to be doing the trick real nice!

Sorry, that was three possible solutions as you say.

Yes, you want to use the “Schedule by Zapier” …

Then “Webhooks by Zapier”…

May need authorisation, but it simple enough.

That post should still be valid, but give me a shout if not.

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Yeah worked great, thanks :slight_smile:

For future readers: Zapier actually had a whole Zap set up already, i didn’t have to make the steps separately… Once i’d signed up, on the main page, I just clicked on the ‘app’ called “Schedule by Zapier”. Then it walked me through the steps on by one (and I basically just clicked next next next until it got to the page that looked like above, where you input URL etc. Then at that point, follow the steps outlined in the link above. All in all, about 15 minutes to implement, great solution (and, importantly, a FREE solution!)


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So do I have to create a page on bubble first to point the zapier webhook to? Sorry, I’m really new

Hey, Bubble actually added the feature to do daily workflow runs, all built in (which they did a few weeks after this discussion). So you dont really need to use Zapier for this anymore (though you still can if you really want for some reason)…

Ahh yes I see that now. Thank you

hi! where can I find that option to set a daily workflow? :slight_smile:

Not used it myself, since i’d already done the Zapier thing by then. Check here: [New Feature] Recurring workflows

thank you! I see, the only thing is that I cant see my “API Workflows” option in the editor of my app, do you know how to display it? thanks in advance for the response :slight_smile:

Yeah go to “settings”, click the API tab, and tick “this app exposes an POST/WORKFLOW API” and/or the one under it, depend on what you wanna do.

Then “API Workflows” appears as an option at the bottom of the “page” menu (where you choose the different pages).


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