Create a thing based on user data and it to a list stored on each user

Maybe I’m a bit tired right now, but i’m having trouble figuring out how to do this. I’m on a paid plan that allows weekly reoccurring events.

I would like to do the following behind the scenes, without the user logged in.

Here is my data setup

I have three “things”; the user, a daily log, and a weekly log.
User fills out daily log, and I average them to create weekly logs.

I store a list of both weekly and daily logs on the user type.

What I want to do, is every sunday at 1159PM I want to:

Go through every user
Create a weekly log by averaging their daily logs
Add the respective weekly log to each user

Hi @alexsstockton,

To make this work, the recurring event’s Thing should be set to User. You’d need to “set recurring event (weekly)” on every user. So, perhaps as a part of their sign-ups flow, this action is run and is scheduled to start on the next upcoming Sunday.

The user value in the “Set RE” action would be “Current User.”

Then, in the RE itself, your workflow would look something like:

  1. Create a weekly log with values averaged from Current Workflow User’s daily logs
  2. Make a Change to Current Workflow User: Weekly logs list add result of step 1.

Try that out.

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